Firearms Training

For those of us who grew up hunting or target practicing the use of firearms is almost second nature.   My father sent us boys to firearm training for two summers before we were allowed to purchase our own rifle. However, many people have no experience with firearms and yet they want to own a firearm and gain knowledge of how to use a firearm for either sport or personal protection.

My first line of advice is to always turn to a local firearms training facility and complete several courses in both firearm use and home protection before purchasing your first firearm.   With proper training in the use of firearms you can dramatically reduce the chance of harming yourself,  family, or neighbors.

When selecting a local firearm training center you should ask about the background of the trainers. Sometimes retired police officers or retired military conduct the training classes and you can really benefit from the knowledge of these professionals.

After completing your firearm training you will have a sense of what type and caliber of firearm you want to purchase.   In addition the firearm training facility will  advise you on how to properly register your firearm.   Finally, before your new firearm arrives please contact one of our security experts about acquiring a proper firearm safe or locking gun cabinet. Be prepared to tell our experts the type and caliber of your new firearm so they may recommend the proper size safe or cabinet.

With good firearm training and storage  you can own a firearm and still maintain peace of mind about safety.

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